Our Ethics


Made in Peru

At BeauTela, we take a lot of pride in designing and producing ethical products in our very own, in-house facility. Over the last 5 years, we have setup a state-of-the-art design and production center in Lima, Peru, which allows our team to have full control over the supply-chain. Sustainable fabric creation, 3D designs, in-house production, quality control, embroidery and printing, product finishing and logistics. You name it, we are accountable for it.


Radical Transparency

At BeauTela, transparency is at the heart of everything. Why? Because from day one, we envisioned being your partner. The one you work with, and the one you can trust. Therefore, we walk the talk by emphasizing the importance of offering products with recognized certifications such as OEKO-TEX, SCS Recycled Content, and our ongoing WRAP certification.


Our Team

Our team in Peru - Our second family. Denis, co-owner of BeauTela, moved to Peru to ensure the creation and management of the production team. Today, we are proud to have a team of experts that has a rich and extensive knowledge with complementary know-hows: Professionals of textile, design, sewing, communications, brand image and all its talents, are now united under one banner.



We have full control over the production process. Our team of dedicated experts oversees every step of the creation of our collections. This ensures impeccable quality control, from the fabric creation to the assembling of all BeauTela products.


Superior quality

Our team is made up of talented textile designers and engineers, who are able to both push the boundaries of the industry and ensure the highest level of durability and integrity. Along with the creation of our development and production facility in Lima, BeauTela's highly-qualified workforce allows us to create products that simultaneously combine style, durability and ethics altogeher.


Fair Price

For us, a fair price means a price that adequately remunerates all stakeholders (aka our hard-working teams) while fully responding to control and cost optimization for you. For instance, we made uncompromising resource and production choices that reinforce the intrinsic value of our corporate wear: durability, quality and recycled plastic materials. For you, the benefit is twofold: it is both a long-term investment for your brand image on top of being a controlled cost in terms of purchase and supply. And a conscious choice, which is at the heart of our existence.